How We Work With You

We work with our potential customers to determine their specific needs and whether Core Performance is the right Accounting Partner for their business. This is accomplished through a complimentary needs assessment.

Complimentary Needs Assessment

Core Performance offers a complimentary thirty minute needs assessment. Based on the information we receive, and your answers to our in-depth questions about your business and reporting requirements, we will customize a solution that meets your expectations and requirements.

We can have this conversation over the telephone or in person at our offices in Newport Beach near the John Wayne Airport. Call or email us any time to schedule your session.

Three Levels of Service

1. Software Implementation & Set-up – In this service, we work with you to help you select the appropriate accounting and business management solution based on our discussions with you and your business requirements. We help you with selection (either Cloud, Desktop or Hosted accounting solutions), software installation, set-up (including installation, configuration, system design), report development and user training.

2. Oversight – In this service, we will develop and review your internally prepared financial statements using the accounting data you have entered, and we will discuss the results of your business with you. You may have a bookkeeper you are already working with and want to support their efforts with a month-end review of the accounting records. The Oversight service ensures accuracy and results in a conversation with you as to what the numbers mean for the health of your business.

3. Full Service Bookkeeping -If we determine that you are a candidate for full service bookkeeping, we will analyze every detail of your business financials to understand how they work now and how they should work in the future. In this service, we will download all banking and credit card transactions into your accounting system, reconcile all financial institution accounts, reconcile your Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable, generate your financial statements, including comparative analysis, cash flow projections, income tax analysis, quarterly estimated income tax payments, and annual tax preparation services. This process requires strategic analysis, and allows us to develop a personalized Financial Management Game Plan. Our service relieves the burden of financial management and allows you to refocus your staff and resources off of bookkeeping and on to your core competencies.

No Surprises with Fixed Fees

With our fees, you don’t get surprises. Our services typically include monthly agreements with phone and email support built in, so you don’t have to fear the clock running every time you call. We work with you to combine pricing that makes sense to you with all the services and support your business needs.

Always Available

Core Performance Accountants care about the success of your business. We’re always available to meet in person, via telephone or web conference to talk about what your financials mean for your business.

Sustainable Solutions

When we work on a project for you, implement new accounting technology, or work with you on a monthly basis, we’re always looking for sustainable solutions that support your business now and in the future.

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