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Our usual tax planning and compliance engagements are annual, and incorporate the following integral components:

1) Initial meeting to review the already filed prior tax returns with the principals and discuss their present XERO accounting and company structure and financial position.

2) Discuss and review the owners compensation structure ( salary, draw, dividend, bonus, deferred comp) in the Company for maximum benefit and lowest overall tax effect.

3) Gain access to the Company’s XERO account so we can be on top of the Company’s numbers.

4) Develop a tax proforma – both business and personal for the upcoming or current year, so the owners already know what the tax expense is going to be for the full year.

4a) We are always available to answer or discuss with you and/or your partners, any financial, accounting, or tax-related question ( and there is never any charge for these consultations).

5) Prepare Quarterly estimates for both corporate and personal ( Federal and CA)

6) Prepare year-end Financial Statement for the business ( from XERO) that ties out to the Corporate Tax Return

7) E-FIle all necessary returns

8) Online access at all times to our Client Portal, where clients can access all documents we use for our work product.

Let us know if we can help you and your business.

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